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Photography’s Unbreakable Core

We live in a time of massive technological and social change. I wish I could say life is like The Beatles “Getting Better” but sometimes it seems more like we’re feeling our way through the dark.  While the new toys are fun and useful, I sometimes worry that our good sense is not keeping pace with the technology.  Are we so enamored with the flow of fresh gadgetry that we’re making bad artistic choices?  Where do we look for guidance when the same bad ideas infect everyone?

To succeed during times of disruption you must focus on fundamental laws. Understanding fundamental forces establishes a foundation.   Start by identifying what’s not going to change.  Your logic needs a toehold before you can start to move.  So I ask myself what are the unchanging fundamentals of photography?  What is photography’s unbreakable core?  That’s the subject of these essays.  Let’s pick out the North Star, then we can set a course across these troubled waters.

The Frame

Think Big — The Argument for More Details in Your Photos

Time and Photography (Part 1):  Relics

Time in Thee Parts (Part 2):  Something for Nothing

Time in Three Parts (Part 3): Broadband Communication

The Bin Marked Other — Avoid Category Traps

To a Higher Place — Make Logic the Slave of Inspiration

Zen Photography Just Happens

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