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Flying the Line

I am an airline pilot and photographer.  I’ve been taking a DSLR camera on every trip I’ve flown since 2004.  A big part of this blog is the ongoing documentation of my flying experiences.  Keep scrolling down this page to find the comprehensive table of contents for my “Flying the Line” series.

This slideshow is a sampling of photos I’ve taken while flying with my camera.  Mouse over the pictures to see captions and the slideshow controls.  Prints of my best aviation photos are available for order online.  I also published a book of my best aviation photos.


Flying the Line Table of Contents:

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Best posts for reading

Thunderstorms Over Kansas City

How to Become a Ghost

California Stars

The Wind Blew Me Back Via Chicago

My Long Road to Cabo

How Big is a Thunderstorm

Texas Goes All Old Testament

Sunset Over the Bay of Campeche

The Atmosphere is Ripe

The Pen Trick

Flight Patterns

Saint Elmo’s Fire

Mojave Hop

3 a.m. Hustle

A Day in My Life

How to Edit Photos Taken Through an Airliner Window

Chasing the Sunset Across the Gulf

All posts in reverse chronological order:

On My Way Home — Across The Great Basin — Bay Area Clearing Storm— Flight Patterns Flight TestGulf Coast Sunset — Las Vegas Sunset —  Winter Graces the MojaveDescent Into VegasBlue MoonThe Comfort of Routine Wild Texas SkyFlying Hell Sow of Central PennsylvaniaLas VegasThe Hills are Burning in L.A.The Southern RouteShowdown in Texas Great Basin Lenticular CloudsNew Mexico WildfireSome Southern California GeographyNo Charms to Soothe the Restless Dreams of YouthHow to Edit Photos Taken Through an Airliner WindowFlight Out of Las Vegas Chasing the Sun Across the Gulf Gran Desrierto AltarMono Lake and the Sierra NevadaSunrise at SFOEarly Start in New YorkWinter Takes HoldSunrise Over Volcano CountrySunset Over the MississippiContrails Over the DesertStrange Sightings Over the DesertFlorida EvergladesShooting the Gap Above Charlie WestFour Corners ShadowUpstaged by the International  Space StationClear Autumn Night Sunset Over the Bay of CampecheTexas Thunderstorm SlalomAerial Sunset Above North CarolinaSFO to DFW – Sunrise Above Lake MichiganThe San Luis Valley, ColoradoThe Atmosphere is RipeThe Pen Trick  – Saint Elmo’s FireMount Charleston, NevadaClouds and the Great BasinStormy Day Over the BayMojave HopThe Wind Blew Me Back Via ChicagoGulf of Mexico SunriseMy CommuteMy Long Road to CaboYosemite National ParkMount Rainier SunriseNear Aspen, Start of WinterThe Inyo RangeMore Mountain SnowChanging SeasonsThunderstorm Over Los AngelesSet the Controls for the Heart of the SunUtah Wild FireThunderstorms Over Kansas City3 a.m. HustleVirgina RainbowHow Big is a ThunderstormTexas Goes All Old TestamentStorms Over Lone Pine PeakColorado Forest FireGood Fortune is My GuideOver the HorizonMount Charleston, NevadaNightfall Over ClevelandSan Bernardino Mountains38,000 Thousand Feet Above Utah Over the Grand CanyonThe Grand CanyonCloud Layers Above Los AngelesHow to Take a Photo at Night from an AirlinerWinslow ArizonaTurn That Dial All the WayGathering StormFlying High AgainA Day in My LifeCalifornia StarsMidwest CloudscapeAnother All Nighter3 A.M. Midwest LightningSunrise Over Long IslandOntario CaliforniaOver Zion National ParkWhisper Over the DesertLake Tahoe SunsetStorms Over the SierrasHigh Above Lake Powell Save Place, Different LightingLike Stones in a RiverbedOver the Great BasinHow to Become a GhostWinter Over OaklandMy Home TurfWinter Storm in NorCalSand CatcherNew HorizonsNobody is LookingFlying Over Lake Havasu and Thinking of Elliot PorterIce forming on Lake MichiganRocky Mountain National Park Locked in WinterThe State of Utah Should be Paying MeThe Sun Rises on Bruce SpringsteenElectronic Flight BagKolob Canyon, UtahHigh Above Planet HothDesert Mountain MorningVirga Over Vegas  – Red Rocks DescentFirst Snow for the High Sierras Little Bit of Fall Color in ColoradoOwens ValleyWestern ColoradoDesolation35,000 Feet above Zion National ParkOregon Forest FireSnow Comes Early to Wyoming’s High CountrySeptember Over Wisconsin’s Door CountyWaiting Out the Weather in JFKCapitalism rules the LandMono Lake and the SierrasMountains Outside Las VegasSprawling Los AngelesLos Angeles BasinMorning at SFONight Over Los AngelesSunset Over San DiegoBay Area FogMount Shasta From this Morning  – Red Eye Over ChicagoMojave’s End

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  1. Mr. Raboin…….I put your ‘Flying the Line’….portfolio….on my F/B page……to continue the effort and for the betterment of
    ‘Mankind’…which by the way…..I do believe in………through ‘Aviation’……..I’m a shameless Aviation Geek……..Have a great weekend……!!……..Julie Theriot

    April 5, 2013 at 6:42 am

    • WOW! David that iz sum INCREDIBLE work. Displays all the beauty, majesty, and magic of flight. Ah’ll be ordering soon! And beware! Now that “Miss TWA” haz ya’ on her personal “radar screen” an’ iz in yer corner…yer gonna’ need a whole new supply of “periods” an’ “exclaimation points” fer yer blog. She goes through ’em purty fast!

      April 5, 2013 at 7:07 am

    • Thanks. I’ll be watching for a spike in my stats. Thanks again for ordering a book. Glad you like it. I’m toying with the idea of making an eBook. Do you have a tablet yet? Right now, I’m super busy with our new baby so this blog and book projects are progressing slowly. Once the baby starts sleeping through the night and taking regular, scheduled naps, I’ll get back on track.

      April 5, 2013 at 8:57 am

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