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Hi, I’m Dave.  On the surface I am a suburban dad, husband, and general wage slave, but beyond the dinner party labels, I’m a writer, photographer, wanderer, adventurer, voracious reader, and a searcher for truth and understanding, so in that regard, I’m pretty much like you.   This blog gives me an outlet and hopefully an audience.

Twelve years ago I fell in love with photography.  I found that photographic communication is fast and direct, and a well executed photograph can create an immediate emotional experience. After years of wrestling with this amazing medium, I wrote a photography course.   This course teaches the technical aspects of photography as well as explaining my hard-won philosophy.

If you like my photos, you can order prints here.

To pay the mortgage and keep the refrigerator stocked, I work as an airline pilot.  I decided to pursue a flying career when I was fifteen-years-old after reading  Ernest Gann and Saint-Exupery.  When I started flight school I had the extra goal of becoming a pilot writer.  However, once I scored my first flying job I got distracted by photography.  Photography was faster, easier, and more fun than writing.  In 2004, I started bringing a camera on every trip.  Now, after finally admitting to myself that photos don’t tell the whole story, I’ve started writing.  The Flying the Line page archives all my flying related posts.

If you like this blog please leave a comment.  I put a lot of work into this site and sometimes I wonder if anyone reads it.  So please, let me know what’s on your mind.

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