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Dad and Ella Adventure Episode 4: Lost on a Cold, Miserable Hill


Thank you Maria for helping me get out of the house with Ella in time for sunset.  

We live in a beautiful location for landscape photography, but with kids I have a hard time getting out.  During sunrise I’m usually making breakfast and at sunset I’m getting the kids ready for bed. For this photo we only had 45 minutes to work with — a mere 45 minutes to get from my house to the top of a hill, take some photos, and then get back home again.  It was a school night and bedtime is strict.  We drove most of the way and then climbed the last quarter-mile ourselves.

A storm had just passed.  Out on the exposed hillside the wind howled.  After taking pictures for five minutes both of us had had enough.

On the way off the hill Ella and I started talking about all the outdoor adventures we’ve had together.  I asked her, “If this was a comic book how would you write it?”‘

She replied, “The title would be:  Dad and Ella Adventure Episode 4:  Lost on a Cold Miserable Hill.  I could make it a comic book, movie, or written story.  I have descriptions for all of them.”

The rest of the way back to the car we pretended she was on a book tour and getting interviewed.

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