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A Christmas Gift

This photo is my Christmas gift to you!

You’re welcome.

What?  You are not happy with the photo I’m offering?  Can’t you see I am offering you the greatest gift of all, the gift of freedom?   You can clearly see that this photo is inviting you to fly freely into the fresh blue sky. You didn’t need to attend a high-caliber university like this author to decipher that simple visual message.  Did you think that the best photo blog on the web would offer such a banal Christmas gift?  If that was your first thought, you really need to try harder.   In fact, I am a bit disappointed that after all our time together and all my efforts you still harbor such shallow expectations and your vision remains so narrow.  How do you ever expect to become a photographer when you can’t see past the tip of your nose?

There is a deeper message in my gift photo.  It is a message of freedom, photographic freedom. It’s staring you right in the face.  It’s not hidden at all.  Can you see it?  Perhaps the better question is do you deserve to see it?

From my perch high upon the mountain I can still hear the collective sigh of you grasping millions.  The sound of your struggles rises up through the clouds to reach me at my home in the sun.  The awful sound chills me like the winter wind howling through an empty cave.  I will help you.  I must help you, for how can my soul ever warm when I am enveloped by the chill of your mass ignorance.

For those of you that haven’t suffered for photography the way I have, let me explain to you the larger more important gift this photo carries.  Look at the bottom center of the frame.  What color do you see?  No, your eyes aren’t deceiving you.  That is perfect, pure white!  You don’t get a white like that in photography unless you’re willing to go over the brink.  To achieve a white like that you must be either mad or more cunning than Coyote.

How did I do it?  How did I attain a pure white, a white so pure that it reminds you of immutable laws of our universe?  How did I create a white so impossibly bright that it made the sky look more blue?  How did I create a white that can make this master’s callused hand appear to float in infinite space?

Here is the answer if you are ready.  I overexposed.  I willingly overexposed.  Do you think that is crazy?  After I took this photo vast areas of  my camera’s LCD flashed the with the warnings of a thousand Japanese camera engineers.  This warning klaxon would have frightened most photographers, but I had no fear.  When you have knowledge you don’t know fear.  I basked in the glory of the warning flare.  The flashing of my camera’s LCD was nothing more than the bright ambassador enlightenment.  White was what I was after and white is what I got.

So that is my present to you.   You are now free to create white in your photos!  Here are the keys.  Now open the shackles of your ignorance and soar towards the open sky.

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